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Greece Luxury Villas


Villa Olympia, Stone House and Villa Sissy, each featuring 3 spacious bedrooms, are just three of the many luxury villas available on the island of Corfu through that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, devoting as much time as you want to your favorite sport.

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One of the finest golf courses in Europe is located in the island of Corfu, in Ropa Valley. Choosing to stay in one of the luxury villas through, you find yourself within walking distance of this beautiful golf course, created by the famous Swiss architect Donald Harradine. It is a magical place with beautiful trees surrounding the fairways, complimented by lakes and lush green hills that make up a rich habitat.

The weather is warm from March to November while during the summer months, the sea breeze tempers the heat. The 40th International Amateur Championship is scheduled to take place from 19 to 25 May of 2014 while the International Seniors & Veteran Ladies Champs will take place from 22 to 28 of September.

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