Abaca Complex

Paradise is no longer a place up in the clouds, it is a place that goes by the name of ‘Abaca Villas’. This large capacity luxury villa in Seminyak is the combination of Villa Iluh, Villa Kadek and Villa Nyoman.

These 3 large luxury villas are interconnected through gates in the gardens and when renting out the entire estate, you will have one massive paradise-like garden with 4 swimming(!!!) pools, 3 large living pavilions and a private event space for parties, yoga classes and events.

Planning a tropical getaway with the whole family or are you seeking an amazing venue to host your special event in Seminyak? You won’t find any place more suitable than Abaca Villas. The estate is set amidst rice paddy fields and yet, it is located in the most upscale area of Seminyak, close to the beach, cafes and restaurants.

Prices vary on seasonality and number of guests. Please contact our villa expert for a personalized quote.