Desert Rose

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Desert Rose, in Island Harbour, Anguilla, part of, Anguila Villas & Caribbean Villa Rentals

The panoramic view of the ocean is the first thing one notices when entering Desert Rose, a luxurious villa high atop a hill in the northeast of Anguilla. But equally magnificent is the exterior of this house, with tropical gardens and a beautiful pool which runs through the entire length of the villa.

At your disposal is also a high-standard tennis court with Premier Cushion floor and spectacular views of the Atlantic; while renting the villa, guests are also treated to a day trip to the island opposite Scilly Cay, where they can dine enjoy a wonderful meal.

Desert Rose is part of the luxury villas portfolio of, helping you experience the best holiday villas in Anguilla.

The 4 bedrooms in the villa can accommodate up to 10 people. Each room enjoys an en-suite bathroom, made of solid mahogany, and stocked with Molton Brown for the comfort of guests.

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