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Luxury Villas in Astypalaia

Luxury Villas in Astypalaia are the best way to enjoy all that this wonderful destination has to offer. Besides the two castles, other trademarks of Astypalaia are the amazing cylinder windmills and the tall rocks and great beaches. Agios Konstantinos, Vatses and Kaminakia are some of the most famous beaches of the island; whereas those looking for seclusion the nearby islands Koutsomyti and Sirna are great alternatives, and accessible by small boats.

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Astypalaia is an alternative destination in the map of the Greek islands. Seen from above, it resembles a butterfly opening its wings; as the island is at the crossroads between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, it is rich in history and tradition. For many the capital of the island is the most beautiful of the capitals in the Aegean; with the white houses, the courtyards, the bougainvillea and quaint chapels and at its top, like a crown, the Venetian castle of Guerini, built with traditional local dark stone. Opposite stands the castle of St. John, which has been mentioned tradionally as refuge for residents from pirates.

The island is divided into the inner and outer island, with a sandy strip of 100 meters, known as the Strait. This peculiarity gives a unique charm to Astypalaia, without which it would have been two separate islands. Maltezana or “Resurrection” is the main tourist resort of Astypalaia, where there is concentrated tourist traffic during the summer months. However, no visitor should miss out on visiting the waterfalls of St. John in the Outside of the island, as well as the lagoon Lost Lake in the northeastern part of the island, in the banks of which the village of Bathi was built.

A luxury villa in Astypalaia is the best way to enjoy the island at your own pace and there are many options for villas in Astypalaia through

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