Aphrodite villas

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Set in the spacious grounds of a former olive-oil press, with its grove of venerable olive trees, the traditional Aphrodite Corfu villas in Agia Pelagia -an exquisite combination of simplicity, harmony and sophistication – have been faithfully maintained to provide you with an exclusive taste of the comfort and luxury of the life-style of Kerkyra. Ideally located in the small locality of Αgia Pelagia in the south East Coast of the Greek island of Corfu in the Ionian sea between Greece & Italy.

The entire property accommodates up to 24 guests in 12 rooms in 3-4 independent villas. The property is composed by:

The Waterfront villas both inside and outside the houses have been conceived, decorated and furnished to host and serve efficiently multi-generational families.
Each room of the Waterfront Villa (320sq.m) is fully equipped with all the amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
A few steps away, the Waterfront Guesthouse (88sq.m), a smaller, more intimate villa gives your guests and their children their own space and privacy in a beautifully equipped whitewashed waterfront unit with full amenities, breath-taking vistas and their own waterfront access.

The Boathouse (80sq.m) , a stone’s throw away from the Main Villa also has two rooms and a living room with private theater. Both residences allow you to combine work and pleasure, the whole waterfront area is Wi-Fi equipped, some outdoor areas are shaded and more secluded.

Olive Grove Villa (220sq.m) is smaller than the Waterfront villas. It is therefore ideal for medium sized families and smaller groups of friends who wish to preserve a more intimate, peaceful and independent atmosphere. This villa boasts the serene calm of the imposing centuries-old trees in the olive grove, which will marvel you with their elaborate shapes and sculptural contortions. In keeping with this venerable atmosphere – among the many perfectly integrated elements of outdoor decoration. The Olive Grove villa can host up to 8 guests.

The Round Studio is located a few miles away from Corfu Town and on the picturesque Bay of Boukari, and it is tucked away from the other villas. Here you and your partner can enjoy care-free days and nights of intimacy, foraying out to join your family and friends on the waterfront or swimming alone. You’ll love spending hours under the olive trees, resting in the colorful hammock in front of the studio, followed by romantic evenings and dinners lit by the soft blaze of the fireplace or candles. Ideal studio for newlyweds or a couple in love.

On the complex, options for fun and sports abound: Take a dip in the pools or enjoy a cocktail with family or friends. The lighted tennis court is the place to practice your forehand and slice far into the evening.

Prices vary on seasonality and number of guests. Please contact our villa expert for a personalized quote.