Elounda Solfez Villas – 1 Bedroom

Elounda Solfez Villas, in Elounda, Crete, part of fantasiavillas.com, Crete Villas & Greece Villa Rentals

Elounda Solfez Villas are located in Elounda, in Eastern Crete, Greece. Located on a hill in the shape of a music pentagram. They offer breathtaking views of Mirabello Bay and the Aegean Sea. The bright rays of light gently bring you back from the Land of Morpheus (god of sleep) and invite you to a refreshing swim in the lovely pool.

There is almost everything you desire in Elounda and the surrounding areas. Whether you want to relax on the veranda or the terrace of his villa, just looking at the blue sea of the Gulf of Mirabello, or go to clubs and dance in the nearby town of Agios Nikolaos (10 km). The nearest sandy beach is located in Elounda, just 2 km from the villa complex, offering a pleasant five minute drive.

Elounda Solfez Villas is part of the luxury villas portfolio of fantasiavillas.com, helping you experience the best holiday villas in Crete.

A staircase leads to the first floor, which includes two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, shower, washing machine and dryer. The second floor has another double bedroom with separate shower and toilet. The sun terrace with pergola provides a fascinating view of the blue Aegean Sea. All bedrooms have environmental mattresses.

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November - April125 EUR / night
May250 EUR / night
June - July 14th328 EUR / night
July 14th - August350 EUR / night
September328 EUR / night
October250 EUR / night