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Luxury Villas in Halkidiki

Luxury Villas in Halkidiki are the best way to experience this peninsula, which many say resemble the trident of the ancient god Poseidon, enchants visitors with its beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and green nature. Located within a short distance from the city of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is ideal for short trips to the second largest city of Greece, and for relaxing holiday with your course. The peninsula consists essentially of three smaller peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, each with its own unique character.

A common feature of all are the beautiful beaches, the quaint villages, their friendly people and the remarkable and interesting archaeological sites. In the peninsula of Kassandra, the nightlife and the crowds during the summer months is the main features. From here one can admire the panoramic views of the sunset from the Canal of Potidaion, the entrance of Kassandra, and enjoy the thermal baths. One of the best times to visit the peninsula of Kassandra is during the festival of Sani and of Cassandra during July and August, where apart from good Greek, jazz and international music, you will enjoy unique culinary creations from internationally renowned chefs.

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The Athos peninsula is a beacon of spirituality. This is the only region in the world that has been dedicated to the worship of God and the Virgin Mary for over a thousand years. Known as the Mount Athos peninsula, this area is inhabited only by male monks who live in 20 ascetic monasteries, surrounded by a wealth of ecclesiastical treasures, rare pictures and libraries filled with precious manuscripts, but completely cut off from modern civilization.

Men are allowed to visit the Holy Mountain as they wish, however, women are forbidden to approach. The third peninsula of Halkidiki is considered by many the most beautiful, having as a main feature Mount Athos, which rises to 2,033 meters above sea level, is covered by virgin forest and surrounded by clear blue waters. Ouranoupoli, or otherwise the City of Heaven, located at the entrance of the peninsula, is the last place where one can visit Mount Athos and, it does not disappoint. The beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters are the main feature of this paradise on Earth, where visitors can relax leaving behind the stresses of everyday life.

In Sithonia, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy nature with greater comfort, as the virgin landscape combined with the milder tourism developments impress nature lovers. Sithonia has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and many secluded coves and is a destination preferred by golf lovers. Similarly, water sports fanatics will enjoy any sports they please, while the nightlife will satisfy every visitor who wants to be entertained.

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