Ionian Dream Villa

Villa Ionian Dream in Lefkada is spread over 2 levels and features high ceilings with traditional wooden pillars. Entering through the entrance of the villa, you walk into the spacious ground floor level that comprises of 3 separate bedrooms with each having its own bathroom. There are two double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and another bedroom with twin beds. The ground floor also has a separate bathroom which is ideally best used by the twin bedroom. The bedrooms have a warm and comfortable feel with cool cream walls and light colored furnishings.
Via internal staircase on the upper level of the villa is the open living kitchen, dining and lounge area. The perfectly placed windows from the morning hours until the evening fill the entire floor with natural light from the Greek Sun and amazing evening Ionian Sunsets. The kitchen and dining area will be a favorite place to sit and have your Greek breakfast and take in the morning views of the Ionian Sea. Additionally the lounge seating has a stretch of windows with a background of the mountainside that naturally brings in a breeze making it even the ideal corner for an afternoon siesta. There is a large balcony that can be accessed from the upper level which will be the place for your friends and family to really soak in every essence of a Greek summer feast with panoramic sea views.
Villa Ionian Dream in Lefkada is the ultimate Greek Villa with the most unique designed outdoor areas. A range of terraces, some shady, some meant for laying in the warm sun, surround the villa on many different levels with a backdrop of the mountains vibrant colors. The outdoor area will engulf you with its infinity pool overlooking the Ionian Sea.

Prices vary on seasonality and number of guests. Please contact our villa expert for a personalized quote.