Villa Theodora

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High-quality villa that offers privacy and luxury with all the amenities you can have in a luxury hotel. With an emphasis on aesthetics and comfort, but by focusing on Ionian architecture and integration into the landscape. Careful construction, fine fabrics, and decorating, are some of the components throughout.

Discover now the privilege of staying in an elegant and fully attentive villas when visiting the island. No more need to settle for the small site and the comparative disadvantages of mass tourism, where an alternative offers space, privacy, home comforts and personalized level of hospitality and service.

This luxury villa has a private pool, sun deck, semi-open living environment, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom facilities and air conditioning in all rooms. The best option for holiday for families with children, friends or a romantic getaway for couples and honeymooners. A proposal that offers the ultimate experience of luxury at the green Ionian island with turquoise waters, which outlined the elements of relaxation and unrestricted freedom. The villa is composed of two separate bedrooms.

Villa Theodora takes its name from The Empress Theodora was the wife of Emperor Justinian. Coming from the lower strata of Byzantine society, rose to the highest step of the power and exerted a strong influence on Justinian.With the stance encouraged by the events of the Nika riots and prevented him from idea to leave Istanbul. She was always loyal to her friends, but did not forgive those who considered a threat to its influence. In that assigned the legislation of Justinian for women, such as banning the sale of endowment land.

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April 07 - June 15225 EUR / night
June 16 - July 13285 EUR / night
July 14 - July 27330 EUR / night
July 28 - August 24395 EUR / night
August 25 - September 14330 EUR / night
September 15 - September 21285 EUR / night
September 22 - November 02225 EUR / night