POIKILMA Alonissos villas – Villa Thalassa

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Our villas are only a fifteen minute drive from the port of Alonissos, Patitiri. The road takes you through the natural scenery of forests and small, picturesque villages to the area of Raches. There, right on the hill, stand our four ornaments, our villas.

We designed each Poikilma villa with a different concept, architectural style and interior design, in harmony with the island’s countryside. The organic elements of rock, herbs and olive trees are to be found throughout the entire estate. Each villa offers an infinity private pool where our guests can unwind against the view of the gently rippling sea and tree-lined hills. Here, even the water you will be bathing in comes in its purest form, delivered from a reversed osmosis system, and the mattresses that will host your dreams have the quality of Coco mat signature.

As we value your privacy and need for serenity, our villas rest secluded from one another offering our guests their own exclusive space.

Sometimes it’s the simplest yet most inspired combinations of elements that make the most enduring atmosphere. The element of water is prominent by the time you enter villa Thalassa. The moment you step in, the deep blue pool that has invaded the entrance hall, captivates your sight.

The sea -thalassa- has been our inspiration for the unique ambience around the two towered building. We used wood and soft browns to complement the blues and add a more “earthy” feel.

On the ground floor, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, a dining room and a small bathroom accommodate your needs. The two bedrooms with en suite Jacuzzi bathroom each, are ideal to host up to four guests.

From the balconies and the yard, the view to the olive grove and the Aegean, take your breath away.

June400 EUR/night
July450 EUR/night
August500 EUR/night
September400 EUR/night