Villa Treville

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Villa TreVille provides a unique experience within a historic, oceanfront estate of about two hectares (five acres) in one of the most fascinating and exclusive places in the world: Positano on Italy’s storied Amalfi Coast. This private paradise has an accommodation complex of four independent houses: Villa Bianca, Villa Rosa, Villa Azzurra and Villa Tre Pini.

The villas contain a total of 15 guest suites, two with private gardens. Each suite is named after a special guest who has left his or her mark in the annals of the estate and on the arts world, their achievements honoured and recalled in part through the furnishings and art objects, with atmospheres further enhanced by the particular spaces and settings and uses of light and colour. Guests have exclusive access to the seaside sundecks and the dock for the estate’s private motor launch through elevators and stone stairways cut into the landscaped, rocky promontory.

The villas and amenities are artfully in harmony with the cliffside gardens and pathways that invite exploratory strolls between pergolas laden with vines and cascades of bougainvillea, where every turn can reveal touches of traditional craftsmanship and creative imagination.

There are the original Vietri antique ceramics, or exacting reproductions, and extensive handiworks of local artisans such as the hand-painted plates produced exclusively for Villa TreVille by Rosalinda di Sorrento or the glasses made for the house by Venini, the historic Venetian manufacturer of glassware in Murano.

The refurbishment of the entire property initially was under the artistic direction of Franco Zeffirelli, the opera and movie maestro who lived on the estate for 35 years. The work subsequently was continued with meticulous attention to essential details by the former proprietor, Giovanni Russo, who was advised by architect Fausta Gaetani, a friend of Mr. Zeffirelli’s and a frequent guest at Villa TreVille.


April20500 EUR / day
May28500 EUR / day
June 01 - August 3141000 EUR / day
September35000 EUR / day
October20500 EUR / day