Castel Pietro

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Castel Pietro, in Arezzo – Monte San Savino, Tuscany, part of, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa Rentals

Perennial trees adorn the lush garden surrounding this beautiful historic castle. Castel Pietro is now a luxurious villa, but it has a rich past, with historical evidence illustrated on a local area map by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503. The villa is located in a prime area of Tuscany, close to historic and beautiful towns as Florence, Cortona, Siena and Pieroutzia.

The castle is located in the middle of vineyards, producing the famous Chianti wine and olive oil, which can be enjoyed by guests during their stay. Inside, the antique terracotta floors and stone fireplaces from the 17th century still stand, with modern furniture and amenities such as high speed internet access, satellite TV and central heating.

Castel Pietro is part of the luxury villas portfolio of, helping you experience the best holiday villas in Tuscany.

The 11 bedrooms can comfortably accommodate up to 22 people, and is nicely proportional to the number of bathrooms. Guests also have access to a massage pool, while Roman baths and a golf course of international standards are very close to the property.

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DATEPRICE 8 BedroomsPRICE 11 Bedrooms
1 - 28 March4750 EUR / week5625 EUR / week
28 Mar.-14 June 5315 EUR / week6565 EUR / week
14 Jun.-22 Aug.  6875 EUR / week8125 EUR / week
22 Aug.-19 Sept.  5315 EUR / week6565 EUR / week
19 Sept.-24 Oct.  4750 EUR / week5625 EUR / week