Villa Vistarenni

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Villa Vistarenni, in Sienna – Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany, part of, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa Rentals

Villa Vistarenni is located in the most picturesque region of Tuscany, where they produce the famous wine Chianti. It boasts a 500-acre plot of land, which is protected by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Protection. The villa was built in the 17th century by the noble family of Prince Ferdinand Strotza, and then became the property of Baron Giorgio Sonnino. Its architectural value is priceless and the facade of the building carries unique value.

The villa includes 7 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 13 people in the comfortable suites. The daily maid service, a personal chef and access to the internet via wi-fi connection are just some of the benefits of this exceptional villa, while its outside spaces boast a beautiful garden and tennis court.

Villa Vistarenni is part of the luxury villas portfolio of, helping you experience the best holiday villas in Tuscany.

Each of the 7 suites tells an interesting chapter in modern Italian history. Suite 4 hosted the first queen of Italy, Margaret of Savoy, wife of Umberto of Savoy; Suite 5 is dedicated to Santa Maria Magdalene of Tripe and Suite 3 was used by the first owner of the house, Giannozzo da Cepparello, in 1621.

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