Villa Ferraia

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Villa Ferraia, in Siena – Monticiano, Tuscany, part of, Tuscany Villas & Italy Villa Rentals

Once again people are looking for destinations that have not been over-hyped, for places where they can rediscover the classical elements of existence: earth, water, air and fire. Places like Villa Ferraia, which offers a taste of the old Tuscany. It is located in the valleys of the Merse River, in the south of the province of Siena, not far from Montalcino and Pienza.
You’re not going to come across the place by chance, it lies well off the beaten track. Here life follows the rhythms of nature, in keeping with the ancient Roman concept of otium, of the leisure and time that are needed to restore body and mind. Here you can find hills, forests, lakes, wild animals, vegetable gardens, orchards and a private astronomical observatory.

Something new to discover in every season: from the splendid colors of the autumn foliage to gazing at the stars in the clear winter sky, from rides on horseback to relaxing in pools of water at different temperatures, all amidst breathtaking scenery. Ideal for friends on vacation or for weddings, for gatherings of stargazers, yoga courses or incentive groups, for managers who need to recharge their batteries, for team building programs, small-scale meetings or original events.

DATE PRICE 8 Bedrooms PRICE 14 Bedrooms
January 09 - March 26 14950 EUR / week 22275 EUR / week
March 26 - April 02 16800 EUR / week 24975 EUR / week
April 02 - May 07 14950 EUR / week 22275 EUR / week
May 07 - June 11 16800 EUR / week 24975 EUR / week
June 11 - September 10 19950 EUR / week 29700 EUR / week
September 10 - October 22 16800 EUR / week 24975 EUR / week
October 22 - December 17 14950 EUR / week 22275 EUR / week
December 17 - January 07 16800 EUR / week 24975 EUR / week