Casa Adama

Casa Adama, an architectural masterpiece! This stunning, 6,000sq.ft, five-bedroom, five-bath luxury villa, located in Aldea Zama, Tulum, is a private, remarkably-designed dream home, surrounded by jungle. Aldea Zama is the most upscale residential area closest to the beach, and also centrally-located to quickly access Tulum’s center for shopping, restaurants, artisanal craft and souvenir shops. Tulum’s famous beach hotspot is a long lush beach road through paradise with world-class beach clubs, restaurants, outdoor cafes, specialty boutique shops, and more. Casa Adama is in an ideal location to offer a delightful fusion of sea, sand, jungle, and nature to captivate all of the senses.

The magnificent entrance to Casa Adama will take your breath away. Step into another world and into a lavish and majestic Zen-like lounge and living area, furnished with original Balinese and Moroccan art. This space is perfect for relaxing, hosting social events, as well as yoga and healing sessions. Masterfully decorated, Moroccan lamps hang effortlessly from the soaring 25 ft high ceiling, while below colorful hand woven rugs and leather poofs imported from Morocco blanket the floor. It’s a spectacular feast for the eyes!

To add even more drama, floor-to-ceiling glass allows an indoor/outdoor connection and flow. There’s a large handmade mosaic tile Hamsa perfectly positioned above the pool. This gorgeous, spiritual, palm-shaped ornament is a universal symbol of protection. On either side of the large backlit Hamsa there are two mandalas bringing peace, harmony, and healing into the space around you.

The home has three levels and two separate wings. The areas can be sectioned off into three separate and private living spaces, if needed. On the main floor, you’ll find an oversized gourmet kitchen with an incredibly impressive onyx dining table that seats ten. Nearby is a lounge area/theater room with 70’ plasma tv and oversized custom sofa adorned with colorful Moroccan hand made pillows. The grandiose first floor has an en-suite private living space with a king bed, viewing garden, huge bathroom with a floating stone tub, outdoor shower, and kitchenette.

On one side of the second floor, you’ll find the penthouse bungalow.  Lounge in the floating stone bathtub surrounded by jungle, enjoy the his and hers double rainfall shower and relax on the private rooftop with pool, sundeck, and barbeque. On the other side of the second floor, there are two beautiful bedrooms, one with double beds and the other with a king-sized bed.  Both have Balinese furnishings, custom stone finishes, and Moroccan decor. The bathrooms come with waterfall showers.

The third floor is the 1000 sq.ft. master suite. This incredible space also features a rainfall shower, floating stone tub, outdoor atrium, and a large dream-come-true sized walk-in closet! Step outside onto an enormous 500 sq.ft. sundeck.  Here you can relax, lounge, sunbathe, or just gaze at the stars at night in good company with a glass of wine.

Casa Adama has a magical energy. Come experience the ultimate in peace and serenity during your luxury getaway in Tulum!

January 5 - 154165 USD/night
January 16 - 312975 USD/night
February 1 - March 251785 USD/night
March 26 - April 112559 USD/night
April 12 - May 141309 USD/night
April 21 - 274165 USD/night
May 15 - June 141369 USD/night
June 15 - August 151517 USD/night
August 16 - October 311250 USD/night
November 1 - 201517 USD/night
November 21 - 281964 USD/night
November 29 - December 191517 USD/night
December 20 - January 44165 USD/night