Luxury Villas in Andalusia


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Luxury Villas in Andalusia

Incorporating the most joyous side of Spain, Andalucia is located in the most southern part of the country, impressing visitors with its colourful celebrations, diverse traditions and the welcoming nature of revelers Andalusians. There are many impressively preserved monuments, such as medieval castles, Arabic towers and cathedrals, surrounded by whitewashed mountain villages. Andalucia boasts a very warm Mediterranean climate, with warm waters and vast beaches. A luxury villa in Andalucia, through, is the ideal way to acquaint yourself with this enchanting region. You may also like to browse our portfolio of luxury villas in Costa del Sol.


♦ Luxury Villas in Andalusia (Ronda)


La Fuente de la Higuera and La Huerta el Noque are two of the most exclusive villas in Ronda. The first one is surrounded by lush gardens, offering magnificent views of the valley. It features 11 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 22 guests, and it has tasteful interiors, a beautiful terrace and an outdoor pool. La Huerta el Noque is another magnificent villa located in Ronda. It features 7 all white bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests. It has comfortable interiors, a garden and an outdoor heated pool and is located 90 minutes from the beach and the airport.

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» Andalusia Villa Rentals

In the south of Spain, the region of Andalucia integrates all things Spanish. This is where the flamenco dance, bullfighting, the famous tapas, and even the Spanish guitar were born and where they still today find their most authentic expression. Andalucia vacation rentals are the best way to explore all the region has to offer, allowing you to immerse yourself in the most authentic version of Spanish lifestyle. Rent an exclusive villa in Andalucia and discover the rich history of the region

The Andalusian feasts are the most colorful and noisy as people in this region are not shy to express their passion. Experience the festival Feria de Abril in Seville as well as the celebration of Easter that in Adalucia acquires mystical dimensions. Fantasia Villas offers a diverse portfolio of luxury villas, enabling families, groups of friends and couples to enjoy the best holidays. Benefit from our exclusive villa special offers and feel free to contact one of our villa experts today.

You can visit the most representative sample of traditional Islamic architecture, the famous fortress of Alhambra in Granada, and experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere in Cordoba, Cadiz and Malaga. It is also worth noting that one fifth of the land of Andalusia is under environmental protection.

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