Aegean Pearl Villas

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Aegean Pearl Villas consist of two beautiful villas one next to the other.
The villas are part of a group of residences located in one the most panoramic sides of Mykonos (KANALIA ) with views that range from the island of Tinos to the island of Delos and the sunset within the blink of an eye. The easy access to Mykonos Town also allows for the combination of quality time on the premises with moments of nightlife action in the island’s vibrant chora.
The concept of the property features a very outdoorsy approach with various options for anytime of the day, be it a swim in the infinity pool, a moment of relax reading through a novel under a pergola with grand views or a meal in one of the three outdoor dining areas all offering a beautiful scenery as the perfect background.
An outdoorsy approach which of course does not compromise “indoor living”, the property’s interiors are colorful and cozy with a traditional Cycladic design which involves the living room and the kitchen on the entrance floor while all bedrooms are located on the lower level. As in the outdoor areas, wood is a dominant element in Pearl’s furnishing with several unique pieces that give a sense of home away from home to the guests.
As a former family summer residence, Aegean Pearl Villas has the kind of welcoming warmth a small group or family or group of friends would look for in a rental property, where to enjoy their days of leisure on the Mediterranean’s most popular island.
Aegean Pearl 1 features 5 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests, Aegean Pearl 2 features 4 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 8 guests, for a total of 9 bedrooms sleeps up to 18 guest.

May 01- June 151713 EUR / night
June 16- July 152138 EUR / night
July 16- September 023000 EUR / night
September 03 - October 011713 EUR / night