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Luxury Villas in Naxos

A luxury villa in Naxos is the perfect way to enjoy yourself and have the best holiday experience. Naxos is a big island found in the centre of the sea roads of the Aegean, with compelling mountaineer scenery and euphoric valleys that is inhabited by joyful people holding a big tradition in music and dancing, full of beauties that capture the eye of the visitor. With it's long history, it's important monuments and it's intense touristic life, it holds a special position amongst the other Cycladic Islands. Even after spending many days in Naxos, you will always find hidden corners and beaches that you have not yet discovered, castles and towers that you haven't yet visited, and ancient temples that you have not yet unravelled their secrets.

♦ Luxury villas in Naxos

Villa Archaion Kallos is the best place to stay in Naxos. It features 5 bedrooms tastefully decorated, which comfortably accommodate up to 14 people. The villa boasts stone decor and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. The villa is just 250 meters from the beach,  and 400 metres from the Naxos.


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The largest island of the Cyclades in the Aegean towers with its picturesque attractions, the splendid beaches, the rich cultural past and of course its unique products. The famous Portara welcomes you upon your arrival to the port, hinting at the wealth and peculiarity of the island. This is the entrance to the temple Apollo, located on Palatia islet and dating from the 6th century BC.  The temple was left unfinished. But Portara remains, proudly today, becoming the trademark of Naxos. Most impressive is the huge lying Kouros, of Flerio, a statue of 5.5 meters length, which dates back to 570 BC. This statue was ordered by a noble man, but broke during transportation from the quarry workshop and remained there, resting under the trees. A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Naxos convinces the visitor that minimalism is actually rooted in Cyclades.  You will notice the rows of figurines, depicting Cycladic human models that encapsulate essence of sculpturing in their marble faces. The element that attracts visitors to the island more than anything else are the beautiful beaches. The golden sand and turquoise waters enchant and the options are endless.  St. Procopius is the longest beach on the island, with clear waters and many awards for best beach.  St. Anna is the most cosmopolitan. For lovers of water sports Plaka is the ideal destination. For fans of kite surfing or windsurfing, Mikri Vigla is ideal. Offering spectacular views of Koufonissia, the sheltered bay of Panormos is beautiful while equally beautiful beaches are a Agiassos and Alyko.  Finally, for diving enthusiasts, the seabed of Naxos is very rich in underwater caves and shipwrecks, like the merchant ship "Marianna" and the fighter aircraft of World War II.

In Naxos you will also enjoy unique products produced on the island, such as delicious cheeses and other dairy products, meats and particularly delicious lamb and the famous Naxos potatoes. A must is the special citrus liqueur produced on the island since 1870 from citron leaves. A destination for everyone, Naxos is the type of island that requires time to enjoy and sample all it can offer.

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