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Luxury Villas in the Caribbean


The luxurious Serendip Cove villa, available through, is the ideal choice for demanding travelers in Bahamas. It features 14 wonderful bedrooms and spacious living and dining areas, and is located just 3 minutes from the nearest golf course. Similarly, Cove Spring House, with 10 bedrooms is one of the most beautiful private homes in Barbados, in the Caribbean.

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The Caribbean is famous for its wonderful golf facilities available and of course for its idyllic weather all year round. On the enchanting island of Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos, the unique Provo Golf Club celebrates 20 years of operation, during which it has been repeatedly distinguished among the top 10 in the Caribbean. The demanding nature of the field and the rapid pace of the game are some of the characteristics of the Provo Golf Club that make it irresistible to lovers of golf.

Choose to stay in one of the luxury villas that are available through and enjoy an idyllic holiday in cosmopolitan Turks & Caicos. Bajacu Villa, with 5 spacious bedrooms, is one of the many luxury villas available, for those who want to relax in an enchanting environment.

Similarly, there are many choices for the travellers with high golf standards in the beautiful island of Barbados, also known as «golfers’ paradise». Sandy Lane Golf Club is one of the best known and most beautiful golf courses in the Caribbean, featuring three courses of which two are designed by Tom Fazio. The scenery is equally lush with glittering lakes at Apes Hill Club, creating a truly idyllic environment.

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