Motu Teta

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Found within the coral islets of French Polynesia’s Rangiroa Atoll, Motu Tetaraire is a beautiful piece of what the South Pacific once was – unspoiled by pollution and industry, untouched by human aspects of civilization, and far from the pressures and cares of urban life. Here, on the doorstep of the edge of the world, one can feel an inextricable link to that lost part of our souls – that breathes with the rise and fall of the ocean’s waves, and in the island’s stillness, keeps time only with the audible beating of one’s heart. Motu Teta is developed with an emphasis on relaxation and tranquility. You explore your hidden connection to nature’s beauty, in an environment free of pressures and time constraints and modern distractions. Isn’t this the truest definition of paradise?

Motu Teta is a small portion of judiciously-chosen civilization within this Eden– only the most refined and pleasurable elements have been incorporated into the island’s design. Created with exquisite taste to blend with the island’s natural environment, the main villa and guest residence were constructed in a classically Tahitian style – rich hardwoods, airy open beams, and open wooden shutter windows to allow the caress of the South Pacific breezes. Modern conveniences such as flat screen television and an extensive DVD and CD collection are available.

Upscale comforts and amenities flawlessly integrate with the serenity of this island paradise. Each residence is complemented by a large veranda that invites you to relax and enjoy the incredible, unobstructed views of the fantastic azure, turquoise-colored Rangiroa Lagoon with shores just a few steps from the deck… where bathing suits are optional.



  • 2,250 sq ft. (250 m2)
  • 2 main bedrooms with king size beds
  • 3rd bedroom with 1 single bed
  • 2 baths (complete with all necessary toiletries)
  • Dining and living room area

GUEST HOUSE: This private bungalow offers a wet bar, ample storage, and a walk-in shower. Guest Bungalow Royale

  • 765 sq ft. (85 m2)
  • 1 Main bedroom – King size bed
  • 1 Sectioned-off second bedroom with Futon bed
  • 1 Bathroom
Prices vary on seasonality and number of guests. Please contact our villa expert for a personalized quote.