Villa Ella

Villa Ella is situated on the island of Šipan,
near the historical fisherman’s town of

Bathing in the sun on the southern slope of
the hill, this typical Dalmatian country house
lies in the middle of a 4000 m2 large olive
grove and garden, offering a view that
stretches as far as the sea and islands.

Frajga, the name of the hamlet where the
villa is situated, comes from the Latin word for

Each room in Villa Ella has its own theme,
with a story tied to a specific fruit from the
island and the blue sea that surrounds it.

• The living and dining rooms are
spacious, with plenty of light and
decorated in warm tones of citrus and
carob (50 m2)

• The kitchen is dedicated to the olive,
with a cozy interior that invites all family
members to enjoy a delicious
Mediterranean meal around the large,
round table (22 m2),

• In the master bedroom, situated on the first
floor, near the pool, guests will notice the theme
of “grapes”. This bright and spacious bedroom has
its own bathroom, and is decorated with elements
of green. Against the white background of walls
and furniture, it perfectly matches the vineyards
and fields that the room looks out onto (19 m2)

• The two master bedrooms on the top floor –
often referred to by guests as “the best in the
house” – pay homage to two ancient
Mediterranean plants, the pomegranate and the
fig (each of these rooms come with their own
antechambre and bathroom with shower, around
22 m2).

• The two smaller bedrooms on the first floor
remind guests of the the fertile soil of the island
(“Terra”, about 10 m2) and the freshness of the
nearby sea (“Aqua”, also almost 10 m2)

During hot summer days the beautiful swimming
pool (12m x 3,6m) allows guests to take a break
from the heat and enjoy the beautiful

For a special al fresco gourmet experience, there is
a summer kitchen (8 m2) in the pool area, as well
as an additional bathroom (6 m2), making it the
perfect setting for summer entertaining.

Two gorgeous terraces look over the island and
the sea: the lower terrace in front of the villa (50
m2) and the upper terrace between the house and
the pool (90 m2).


March 31 - June 17650 EUR/night
June 18 - September 02990 EUR/night
September 03 - November 04650 EUR/night