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Luxury Villas in Caribbean

Best View Villa, Villa L’Abri Cotier, Villa L’Horizon, Shutters on the Beach, Sky Beach – Split Level and Caribera Villa are some of the most romantic, exclusive and dreamy villas in the exotic Caribbean, inviting guests to just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


♦ Luxury Villas in Caribbean (Turks & Caikos)


Best View Villa, located in the exotic Turks & Caicos, is the perfect escape for anyone seeking privacy and breathtaking views of the ocean. It feautures 4 stylish bedrooms, that can accommodate up to 8 guests, and has spacious, open public spaces that impress guests with their minimalistic design. The villa also has a beautiful pool, a jacuzzi and offers guests the opportunity to use kayaks.


♦ Luxury Villas in Caribbean (Saint Barths)


Villa L’Abri Cotier, in the exclusive island of Saint Barths, is a luxury villa, built on higher ground and thus ensuring breathtaking views towards the ocean. It features 2 tastefully decorated bedrooms, that are perfect for two couples or a family, and is only 5 minutes from the beach. The villa has a pool, a game room and a home cinema and features excellent concierge services. Addiotionally, thanks to its one-of-a-kind sound system and extended multimedia library, the villa can easily be converted to a club, staisfying your needs to party all night long!


♦ Luxury Villas in Caribbean (Jamaica)


Villa L’Horizon, in colourful Jamaica, is the ideal destination for the lovers of golf or anyone who seeks total privacy and tranquility. As part of the Mammee Bay Estate, the villa is at a walking distance from the best golf courses on the island and it also features a private beach. The villa has 7 bedrooms, a spa, a gym, a pool with jacuzzi and hammocks, and is about 90 minutes from the airport.


♦ Luxury Villas in Caribbean (Anguilla)


Shutters on the Beach, in exotic Anguilla, is a luxury villa with distinct character, thanks to its unique french and indian inspired architecture. The villa may be rented with 4 or 6 bedrooms, depending on the needs of the guests, and features a wine cellar, a beautiful pool surrounded by exotic gardens and spacious interiors, with magnificent ocean views. The villa is at a distance of mere minutes from the Temenos Golf Course, while the extended concierge services include among others a masseuse, a personal trainer and the possibility of a boat charter.


♦ Luxury Villas in Caribbean (Bahamas)


Sky Beach – Split Level, in the enchanting Bahamas, is a luxurious 4 bedroom villa located on the exclusive island of Eleuthera, 50 miles from the capital Nassau. The spacious living room is complemented by the beautiful infiinity pool and the glass walls that allow maximum sunlight and unobstructed ocean views. The villa is built within 22 acres of lush vegetation, has a secluded beach and is only 7 minutes from the airport.


♦ Luxury Villas in Caribbean (Virgin Gorda)


Villa Aquamare, in the beatiful Virgin Gorda, is part of the exclusice 3-villa complex Aquamare, in Mahoe Bay. It features 5 bedrooms, that can accommodate up to 12 guests, and has a private beach. The interiors are tastefully decorated and are ideal for large groups of friends. The villa has  high ceilings and large windows, magnificent ocean views and is only 15 minutes by ferry to Tortola.


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