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Luxury Villas in Lesvos with help ensure that your holidays are memorable. Lesvos, home of the ancient poet Sappho, is the third largest island in Greece. Although it is a very popular tourist destination, it remains mainly unspoiled, as its large size prevents excessive crowds. Lesvos is very close to the Turkish coast, but also to the wonderful island of Chios, and has easy access from the airports and ports of Athens and Thessaloniki. The island is characterized by rocky landscapes, forests of oak and pine trees and hot springs. A Lesvos luxury villa rental is the ideal way to enjoy the island and make the most of it, as it combines the most admirable examples of Byzantine architecture with astonishing beaches. Two bays, which penetrate the soil of the island, form two magnificent, sheltered shores. Mytilene is the capital of Lesvos, which stretches around a well-preserved Byzantine castle. The picturesque village of Molyvos in the north and the famous for its ouzo Plomari village in the south coast are definitely worth a visit, as well as the Sigri village, with its trademark petrified forest on the west side.


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♦ Luxury Villas in Lesvos (Sigri)


The luxurious Villa Faros is the most beautiful house in the area, offering 6 exquisite bedrooms that can accommodate up to 14 people. The villa is situated on a hill and offers breathtaking views of the sea. It has exquisite interiors decorated with taste and elegance and features a sauna, Jacuzzi and a ballroom. The villa stands out for its two incredible pools, one indoor and one outdoors, offering a unique touch of luxury. It should be noted that the house is located 2 hours from the airport and 150m from the sea.

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» Villa Lesvos

Les oliviers et les vastes forêts de pins donner de l'argent de couleur verte à l'île, tandis que l'architecture Lesbiennes reste inchangé dans certains villages, avec de beaux exemples de tours de pierre, avec puits de lumière traditionnelles appelées «sahnisinia." Le capital est Mytilène amphithéâtre construit autour du port sud et est le foyer d'attractions telles que le Théâtre Antique, l'aqueduc romain, la forteresse de Justinien et une statue de bronze de la Liberté, semblable à celle de New York!

Pour le nord, Molyvos impressionne avec ses maisons en pierre, en cours de route, le visiteur rencontre un grand nombre de montagne et les villages côtiers d'une beauté incomparable et pittoresque.

Entre Occident et l'Orient, Lesvos est connu sous le nom «l'île de Beauté et Harmonie" et est un vrai paradis. Ressorts de guérison et d'innombrables plages uniques fasciner le visiteur avec leur perfection de forme et ses eaux cristallines. Lieu de naissance de beaucoup de formes d'une grande antiquité, comme la Sapho poète, le philosophe Théophraste et Arion Kitharodos, Lesvos est un morceau de terre qui a été coupé de l'Asie Mineure et a dérivé dans la mer Egée d'un bleu.

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