Leamington Pavillion and Cottage

The excellent manner in which the interior of the villa becomes one with the external areas is a feature distinguishes the lovely villa Leamington Pavillion and Cottage for creating the perfect holiday setting. The tropical gardens that surround this unique home, a creation by renowned British architect and stage designer Oliver Messel, help create a zen environment in exotic Barbados. He discovered the villa during the 50s and put it under renovation, enriching it with antique furniture, especial artwork, sculptures and artifacts, thus making it into one of the most beautiful villas on the island. The main lounge occupies the center of the villa, decorated with dark wood furnishings almost becoming one with the covered terrace, its ideal for meals at all hours of the day.

The Rococo style inspired the decoration of the main dining area, inside the house, highlights the unique beauty of corals and shells. The 4 bedrooms of the Leamington Pavillion and Cottage are luxurious and comfortable at the same time as they are decorated with crystal chandeliers, marble en-suite bathrooms and luxurious linens and curtains.

At guests’ disposal is Leamingon Cottage guest house, featuring an extra bedroom, and the experienced staff of the villa that ensures the satisfaction their every desire.

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