Discover the thrill of a private island luxury holiday

Nothing compares to a holiday on a private island, as the remoteness of everyday life and breathtaking tropical surroundings elevate your experience to a whole new level.
The Pacific ocean, the Caribbean archipelago and the Indian ocean are just a few of the truly unique options for an unforgettable and exclusive getaway under the sun.

Escape to the eclectic Pacific ocean

The exclusive Vanilla island, also known as Taha’a, is a magnificent holiday destination for those who wish to experience the extraordinary. Having maintained its Polynesian flair, Vanilla island offers its fortunate guests the opportunity to indulge in an authentic way of life, going fishing, exploring the world-reknowned pearl farms and enjoying top-class scuba diving and snorkelling.
Additionally, they can enjoy local delicacies in the restaurants of the island and pamper themselves with rejuvenating therapies in the spa of Le Taha’a.

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Enjoy the best the Caribbean has to offer

The sandy beaches, lush tropical gardens and warm turquoise waters are only some of the features that make Calivigny island stand out among the islands of the Caribbean archipelago. Located off the coast of Grenada, in the West Indies, it features several villas and luxury suites, making it a top wedding destination for beach lovers.
The outdoor jacuzzis and panoramic ocean views create an environment of absolure relaxation, while the tastefully decorated villas and suites provide a harmonious background for an unforgettable holiday in the sun. Guests of Calivigny can also enjoy personalised spa therapies making the most of their private island holiday experience.

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Discover luxurious beachfront living in the Indian ocean

The Seychelles are a world-reknowned exotic destination, attracting the discerning travellers from around the world. Your holiday experience however can be maximized by choosing the exclusive Fregate Island, a private island resort that guarantees its guests seclusion and serenity.
In addition to the crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets over the Indian ocean, the island offers a rare chance to truly reconnect with nature at its best, through its successful ecological program and its award-winning Rock Spa. Feauturing but a handful of villas, Fregate can be rented as a whole, for special events. Alternatively, the Presidential Villa Banyan Hill which can only be reached by a private path, makes guests feel like they own the island themselves.

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