Golf Villas

Golfing is the sport of the well-educated, refined gentlemen. If you like golfing, you appreciate the finer things in life, from your regular relaxation ritual and up to the place where you decide to spend your well-deserved vacation.

More and more destinations offer golfing as an activity, but for the best Luxury Holiday Rentals, with easy access to well-renowned golf courses by famous designers, please don’t hesitate to ask Fantasia Villas. Whether you want to play in Marbella or Jamaica, Mexico or Thailand, we know the best villas for rent.

If you want to compliment your golfing holiday with other suitable activities, such as sailing or sightseeing in style, we can facilitate anything you have in mind and offer additional suggestions as well

Please click here for a sneak-peak with golfing-friendly properties from around the world or contact us anytime and we will gladly provide the suggestions best-tailored to your preferences and requirements

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