Karma Pelikanos

A villa unique in architecture and design, the villa Karma Pelikanos, meets the needs of the most demanding travelers when it comes to luxury, harmony and relaxation. The villa is located in Pyrgi, 5 minutes from the picturesque and cosmopolitan town of Mykonos, offering guests privacy and seclusion as well as spectacular 180 degree views of the sea and the islands of Naxos and Delos.

Villa Karma Pelikanos features 6 stylish bedrooms with en-suite luxury bathrooms and large common areas designed and decorated by the renowned British interior designer Gareth Johns and colleague Celia. The white color dominates throughout in perfect harmony with the simple Cycladic architecture, while the wooden frames are painted in tones of blue in order to reflec the unique color of the Aegean Sea.

The Outdoor areas are dominated by the large pool, the wooden pergola that hosts the living and relaxation spaces for all hours of the day, the BBQ and the pizza oven that invite guests to creative culinary experimentations al fresco.

It is worth noting that the lovely villa Karma Pelikanos and the owner of Karma Resorts, John Spence, were recently published by the magazine GQ, in recognition of the distinctive architectural profile of the villa and the uniqueness of the island in a global scale.

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