Greek Easter in Patmos

The island of the Revelation completely fascinates the visitor, especially during the Easter festivities, when religious traditions intertwine with the lovely spring scenery and picturesque islands.

Patmos is renowned as a religious center of global interest, given that in this island John the Evangelist spoke with God in 94 or 95 AD He revealed the prophetic book of Revelation. Guests can visit the same Cave of the Apocalypse while admiring the Monastery of St. John, which dominates throughout the Aegean.

The solemn atmosphere covers the entire island throughout the duration of the Holy Week, especially for those interested in attending the functions held at the chapel of St. John, in the Cave of the Apocalypse . However, the “ceremony Basin”, taking place on the morning of Holy Thursday, is the custom that makes Patmos most special. This is a representation of the Last Supper, in which the Abbot, washes the feet of twelve monks, as Jesus did with his disciples. The procession then heads to the place of prayer, reminiscent of the transition of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and his delivery to the Romans, by Judas.

Following the Good Friday reenactment of the Descent, epitaphs from churches are carried across the streets throughout the island, making their way to the main square of Skala, the port of Patmos. The Resurrection of Christ is celebrated with great aplomb, on the evening of Holy Saturday, at a monastery complex on the island; on Easter Sunday, at the Monastery of Patmos, priests perform the reading of the Bible in Italian, French, Russian, English , German , Serbian and ancient Homeric Greek !

Easter is the perfect time for anyone to witness the mystical character of Patmos and appreciate its wonderful natural beauty.

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