Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Suites Starting at 695 EUR, Sleeps 4, For Rates and Availability- Click Here

Member of the chain “Small Luxury Hotels”, Mykonos Grand is one of the most privileged locations of Mykonos, offering valuable tranquility and panoramic views. The service being its hallmark, the primary goal of the staff is the care of customers and customer satisfaction in all their needs in order to provide an exceptional vacation experience.

At guests’ disposal are the three Grand Suites with private pool, ideal for hosting up to 4 persons, in a tasteful environment with 110 sqm of indoor spaces and 100 sqm of outdoor spaces, and the Deluxe Suites, which offers butler and concierge services, if requested by the visitor.

Mykonos Grand- 885 EUR

Suites Starting at 885 EUR, Sleeps 4, For Rates and Availability- Click Here

The famous beach of Agios Ioannis is some steps away from the Saint John and from the Mykonos Grand. It is a small beach, quiet and beautiful, with spectacular views of the sunset and excellent beach service. The Hippie Fish Restaurant and Beach Bar offers unique flavors, while the Hippie Chic boutique offers clothing and accessories that perfectly complement the holiday wardrobes.

Mykonos Grand Suite


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