Ratua Private Island

The unique Ratua Private Island is a paradise that stretches  over 146 acres of virgin land, just 30 minutes southwest of Espiritu Santo in the middle of the Vannuatu archipelago in the South Pacific. Featuring 13 romantic villas, divided between three settlements and built in Indonesian style, fully harmonized with the environment.

In these villas can be accommodated up to 41 guests, having at their disposal a safari tent, ideal for 2 people, for those who want to come in true contact with nature.

The basic principle of Ratua is respect for the environment, so much so that great efforts have been made to only produce and consume organic products. On the island there are also horses, ponies, sheeps, goats and chickens; meanwhile arch of the 13 villas are original 19th century houses, which all comes together offering guests tranquility and relaxation in a natural environment.

Fine vintage pieces make up the decor of each of the villas while the view from the wooden terraces is truly idyllic. There are three master villas that can accommodate from 2-5 guests, 2 family villas that are ideal for 2-4 guests and 8 single villas that can accommodate 2 people.

Also at the disposal of guests is the most official Yacht Club restaurant, a more informal beach barbecue, and there is even the possibility of having picnics on the white sandy beaches of nearby islands ..

Horseback riding, mountain biking, snorkelling, archery and exploring underwater caves are just some of the activities available in Ratua. A full spa that is also available to guests completes the unique relaxation experience that Ratua represents.

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