Southern Coast Costa Rica

Bird gazing and trekking find the ideal destination in the mostly unspoiled Southern Coast of Costa Rica, inviting visitors to just relax and reconnect with mother nature. Banana, palm trees and coffee plantations dominate the area, creating a tranquil environment that becomes a heavenly retreat. A luxury villa in Southern Coast is the the ideal way to spend the holiday of a lifetime, marvelling at the exotic birds in the unique National Park Chirripo and the amazing, wild landscapes formed by the highest mountains in the country. Sportfishing is another popular activity of Southern Coast, with many sport fishermen using this area as their base as they are out catching pacific sailfish. This area is also referred to as the last frontier, as it borders with Panama and offers an alternative style of vacationing, away from the hustle and bustle of more popular destinations on the island.

Costa Rica Villa Rentals                                                            Puntarenas Villa Rentals                                                            Southern Coast Villa Rentals

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