Virgin Gorda Caribbean

The spanish roots as well as the british influences blend in a unique way, providing the second largest of the British Virgin Islands with unparalleled beauty and ambience. A luxury villa in Virgin Gorda will maximize your holiday experience, enabling you to make the most of your time on the island.

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The Baths feature the best beaches on the island, thanks to the giant boulders that form a series of tranquil pools and caves, filled with seawater. Spring Bay is perhaps the nicest beach on Virgin Gorda, attracting people thanks to its white sand, clear water and excellent snorkelling conditions. Trunk Bay is also a beautiful beach with white sand that can be reached either by boat or by following a trail from Spring Bay.

Diving and hiking are also two very popular activities on Virgin Gorda, with the Gorda Peak National Park, the largest stretch of undeveloped land, providing endless crisscrossing hiking paths.

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