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Мистический Бали идиллическое место для отдыха и спокойствия. Плотная тропическая растительность в сочетании с уникальным побережья соблазнить даже самых взыскательных путешественников ищет спокойствие в окружении уникальной природной красотой. Помимо удивительных водах, посетители Бали будет иметь возможность насладиться уникальными терапевтические процедуры для тела и ума, достижение истинного благополучия. Вы можете открыть для себя некоторые из самых роскошных домов, в некоторых из dreamiest мест на острове, через fantasiavillas.com. Уникальная вилла Ombak Luwung, в Джалан Nelayan, расположенный прямо на пляже, предлагает панорамный вид на океан, показывая все современные удобства на основе традиционной балийской архитектуры.

Would you like to find yourself in paradise, enjoying the caress of the sun and the wild beauty of the unspoiled nature? ... Continue reading to discover the hidden charms of exotic Bali. This small, diamond-shaped island in Indonesia is so diverse that it can satisfy the most demanding travellers, as its four corners have their own distinct character. East Bali impresses visitors with its diverse landscapes, the active volcano, the tropical jungle and the rocky desert of Agung, while North Bali boasts calm seas with crystal clear waters and heavenly beaches, offering you the opportunity to admire the most rugged mountains and swim beneath raging waterfalls. West Bali, also known as the "Wild West", will enchant you with its untouched nature, while in southern Bali, the most developed tourist area, you'll find great restaurants with Balinese cuisine, charming cafes, bars, discotheques and many shops. A luxury villa in Bali is the ideal way to acquaint yourself with thise mesmerizing tropical escape, enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.

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Where to stay in Bali

♦ Luxury Villas in Bali (Canggu)

The Ombak Luwung is an exotic villa, located in Jalan Nelayan. It features 5 airy bedrooms, which accommodate up to 10 people. The beauty and elegance of the interior and the exterior spaces are one of a kind, as they featur an all white dining room, an infinity pool and a jacuzzi that will be your oasis of relaxation and harmony.

The stunning Villa Simona Oasis & Spa is located on a small island in the River Pangi, awaiting to offer you moments of relaxation and peace. The house has 5 beautifully decorated bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 10 people and boasts traditional Balinese architecture. It is the ideal place to enjoy all the health benefits of spa, yoga and meditation, with the best sunset views on the island.

Villa Kaira is a secluded exotic house situated in Pantai Berawa and boasts magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and exotic gardens surrounding it. Featuring 5 luxurious bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 10 guests, an and outdoor infinity pool, it is guaranteed that you will spend endless hours of relaxation. The villa is only 5 minutes from Seminyak and 30 minutes from the airport.

♦ Luxury Villas in Bali (Uluwatu)

The Suluban Cliff Villa is one of the nicest homes in Uluwatu and your stay here is guaranteed to remain unforgettable. The interiors of the rooms have been decorated with luxurious materials and modern furniture, while its 4 spacious bedrooms can accommodate up to 10 guests. The outdoor 16m pool, Jacuzzi and open dining room with panoramic sea views will surely become your favorite spots. The villa is 10 minutes' walk from a secluded beach and about 30 min from the airport.

Additionally, the exquisite King Villa, part of the luxurious Royalty Villas in Uluwatu, boasts modern interiors featuring 6 stylish bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 14 guests. You will be amazed by the sea and volcano views, while enjoying the advantages of the outdoor pool and barbecue. The villa is at walking distance from the beach and the Dreamland golf course.

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» Бали

Маленький остров этой замечательной страны очаровывает путешественника  его уникальным разнообразием природы, тропическими лесами, яркими цветами и таинственной атмосферой. Несмотря на небольшую тереторию острова, можно обойти  его побережья за один день- это дает посетителю много различных впечетлений, которые будут сопровождать его всегда. Отдых на острове Бали даст вам много удовольствей. Здесь вы сможете насладиться купанием на потрясающих пребрежных водах, вам будут делать массаж на горячем песке и вы будете наслаждаться уникальными кулинарными творениями балийской кухни. Разведайте тропы острова, ознакомьтесь с мистическими традиционными балийскими танцами и насладитесь лаской солнца которое здесь находит своё самое тропическое воплощение.

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