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Luxury Villas in Tortola

Golden Pavilion Villa and Coconut Tree Villa are just two of the nicest and most exclusive villas available through fantasiavillas.com.

Golden Pavillion Villa features 5 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 14 guests and is surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. It has uninterrupted views to the ocean and guarantees seclusion and total privacy. The villa also has a gym, a media room and a pool table while upon request, guests can enjoy sailing and spa therapies. The villa is only 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Josiah’s Bay Beach.


♦ Luxury Villas in Tortola (Lambert Beach Resort)


Coconut Tree Villa features 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 8 guests and has additional bedrooms suitable for staff. The villa has unobstructed views to the ocean and is surrounded by tropical gardens.

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tortola- as the capital of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola is a tropical paradise boasting white sandy beaches, romantic restaurants and the best rum production in the Caribbean

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