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Luxury Villas in France


This beautiful country is undoubtedly one of the most attractive yet diverse destinations in the world, one that evokes the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and inspires utter romance. There are endless historical, natural and cultural monuments, as well as architectural masterpieces spread throughout the country and mainly Paris, while the ski resorts of the Alps and the idyllic beaches of the French Riviera are the perfect destinations to relax and have fun. French cuisine is considered among the most sophisticated in the world, while the wines of Bordeaux and the Loire of the highest quality. A luxury villa in France is the ideal way to acquaint yourself with the culture, history and ambiance of the magnificent country and you can browse our extended portfolio of luxurious properties in the most exclusive spots, through fantasiavillas.com.


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Where to stay in France


♦ Luxury Villas in France (Provence)


Villa Mauresque and Villa Mas Del Souleou are only two of the nicest luxury rentals in the area of Provence, available through fantasiavillas.com. The Villa Mauresque, located in Saint Raphael, in the French Riviera, features 11 elegant bedrooms that can accommodate up to 24 guests. The villa has cozy and spacious interiors, overlooking the swimming pool and the sea. It is only minutes from the nearest beach and 45 km from Cannes. The Mas Del Souleou, in Mouans Sartoux, feaures 8 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 16 people. The house has a beautiful garden, an outdoor swimming pool, terrace and barbecue area and offers great views of the Alps.

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france- France is one of the most popular destinations for luxury tourism worldwide, offering everything the discerning traveller seeks

france news- one of the biggest countries in Europe, France is often in the news as a powerful member of the European Union and the eurozone, influencing EU policies and legislation

france map- contact a representative of fantasiavillas.com for a map of France as well as more information concerning the most fascinating journeys in the country

provence france- one of the most popular destinations in the France, Provence combines the spectacular landscapes with the golden coasts and the cosmopolitan vibe

aquitaine france- a trully unspoilt part of France, Aquitaine represents the best of the authentic french countryside living, attracting visitors with its long coastline and mild climate year-round

france weather- the weather in France varries significantly from north to south, with brisk winters and warm summers satisfying all tastes

france tourism- tourism is one of the biggest industries in France, since the significant cultural heritage is combined with fascinating landsapes and a cosmopolitan atmosphere

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yacht charter france- one of the most interesting ways to acquaint yourself with this beautiful country, a yacht charter in France is ideal for those who love the sea

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france food- reknowed the world over, french food is served at some of the world’s best restaurants, surprising people with its complex but also delicate tastes

france climate- significantly different from south to north, the climate in France combines the fierce winter with the mild spring and autumn and warm summer

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christmas in france- whether you choose a chalet in the french Alpes, or an exclusive villa in Cote d’Azur, christmas in France is guaranteed to be unforgettable

things to do in france- water sports as well as winter sports are equally enjoyable in France, as sailing, skiing and hiking are just some of the most interesting things to do when visiting the country, alongside shopping and sightseeing

france cruise- cruising the coasts of France is one of the most enjoyable ways to acquaint yourself with this fascinating and diverse country

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places to visit in france- the beautiful coastlines in the south and northeast, the diverse region around the Alpes, alongside the cosmopolitan capital of Paris are just some of the places to visit in France

france tourist attractions- significant cultural sites, world-reknowed museums as well as distinct and diverse landscapes make up just some of the many tourist attractions in France

sailing france- sailing around France is one of the most enjoyable ways to discover this diverse country and spend the holiday of a lifetime

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» Франция

Знаменитая не только своей гастрономией, но и  уникальным производством вин и шампанских, Франция сочетает в себе настоящие и прошлое, а так же радость жизни –joie de vivre-,  вежливость и хорошие манеры –savoir faire. Отдых во Франции даёт вам возможность отдаться романтизму, на который вдохновляет посетителей только Париж, покататься на лыжах в Альпах, полюбуваться непревзойденным великолепием других времён в Версальском дворце и получить удовольствие живя роскошной жизнью на Лазурном берегу и Сен-Тропе. Франция прекрасно интегрирует  музыку и мифологию Кельтов 5-ого века в Бретани и недавнию историю Второй мировой войны в Нормандии, а так же уникальные пейзажи сельской французской местности, где королевские замки навеивают до сих пор рассказы о их славном прошлом.

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