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Конечным пунктом назначения для летнего отдыха в Европе и среди ведущих в мире, Греция привлекает миллионы посетителей каждый год, благодаря непреодолимой комбинации живописными ландшафтами, прекрасными пляжами и уникальной культурой гостеприимства. Вы можете открыть для себя много приморских роскошные виллы, идеально подходит для наслаждения греческим солнцем и незабываемые берега, через fantasiavillas.com.

Luxury Villas in Greece are the ideal way to acquaint yourself with this beautiful country and appreciate the plethora of significant archaeological monuments of antiquity, as well as the interesting neoclassical buildings of the 19th century. The powerful gods of Olympus, the stories of Homer, the ancient Greek philosophers and the superhuman achievements of Alexander the Great are among the first things that come to mind at the mention of Greece. However, modern Greece is mostly associated with the sun, the crystal clear waters, the beautiful and diverse beaches, the rich nightlife and the feeling of relaxation and freedom, which form the best holiday experience. Although relatively small in size, Greece boasts an impressive variety of landscapes, thanks to its distinct geographical character, while the extended sunshine throughout the year enables you to make the most of it. The islands of Mykonos, Paros and Santorini are three of the most spectacular places to visit while being in Greece for your summer vacation.

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Where to stay in Greece

♦ Luxury Villas in Greece (Mykonos)

Villa Galaxy, Villa Dafni and Diodos Luxury Villa are some of the nicest places to stay in Mykonos.

Villa Galaxy is located in Panormos and is divided into 5 elegant apartments, ideal for hosting up to 10 people. The interiors of the rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated along the lines of the minimalistic Cycladic architecture. The spacious and luxurious pool dominates the exterior of the villa, inviting you to just relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. The location of this villa is also ideal, since it is located 150 meters from Panormos beach, 5 minutes from the city and 8 minutes from the airport and port.

Villa Dafni is another great option on this magical island. Located in Ano Mera, it features 4 beautiful bedrooms, accommodating easily up to 8 people. The all-white interior spaces are very impressive, combining the modern design with elegant furniture, while the outdoor areas are very spacious, featuring a lounge and a pool. The villa is located 25 minutes from the Town and port and 15 minutes from the airport.

Another special place to stay in Mykonos is Diodos Luxury Villa. Located in Houlakia, it features 3 luxurious bedrooms, accommodating up to 6 people. The decor combines modern and luxurious furniture with Cycladic architecture, while the extremely spacious outdoors feature a Jacuzzi and a gym, as well as an outdoor infinity pool with breathtaking view. The location is extremely convenient, as it is only 300m from the beach, 1 km from the town and 8km from the airport.

♦ Luxury Villas in Greece (Paros)

One of the nicest homes stay in Paros is Villa Agia Thalassa, at Ambelas, which features 4 stylish bedrooms that can accommodate up to 7 people. The villa is characterized by its simple design in shades of white, the comfortable and functional furniture, but also by the particular outdoors area, which is ideal for relaxation any time of day or night. Large trees and a cozy lounging area surround the outdoor pool, while and the view over the ocean is just breathtaking. The villa is located at 150 meters from the beach, 20 minutes from the port and 25 minutes from the airport.

♦ Luxury Villas in Greece (Santorini)

Kapari Private Residence, located in dreamy Imerovigli, is perhaps the nicest luxury villa in Santorini, featuring 5 comfortable apartments, which can accommodate up to 15 people. These amazing villas feature all the modern amenities, such as a Jacuzzi, a sauna and a gym and have a beautiful pool with incredible views of the volcano and the sunset. The villas are located in the most privileged spot of the island, and within 2 km from Fira and Oia and 10km from the airport.

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greece- Greece is one of the most popular destinations for luxury tourism worldwide, offering a great variety of unique and fascinating landscapes

santorini- perhaps the most impressive and popular of the greek islands, Santorini enchants visitors with the dramatic backdrop of its volcano and unique energy

grecia- a unique destination in the Mediterranean, Greece attracts millions of visitors thanks to the crystal clear blue waters, sunny weather and unique spirit of hospitality of its people

crete- the biggest of the greek islands, Crete combines the nicest beaches with the most scenic mountainous villages, giving new meaning to the term hospitality, thanks to its award winning cuisine

rhodes- also known as “the island of the knights”, Rhodes enchants visitors with its fairy-tale like ambience, beautiful coasts and

exciting nightlife

corfu- situated in the Ionion sea, Corfu is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, sandy beaches and deep blue, cold waters

zante- part of the Ionian islands, Zante or Zakynthos is known for its significant population of “caretta-caretta” sea turtles, the beautiful beaches and the intense nightlife

grece- Greece offers you the chance to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, thanks to the superb climate and endless selection of holiday destinations

santorini greece- one of the most unique holiday destinations in the world, Santorini is a real tourist magnet in Greece, thanks to its unbeleivable blend of unique architecture and dramatic ambience

greek islands- wheather in the Ionian or the Aegean sea, the greek islands stand out for their diverse landscapes, picturesque villages and incredible coasts

greece news- the economic crisis has taken a toll on Greek people, but their spirit of hospitality remains intact, as this incredibly beautiful country is among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world

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mykonos greece- one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, Mykonos fascinates visitors with its cosmopolitan vibe, intense nightlife and incredibly beautiful beaches

crete greece- the biggest of the greek islands, Crete is known for its diverse landscapes, excellent food and the most hospitable people

rhodes greece- one of the most scenic islands, Rhodes charms visitors with its unique ambience of a bygone era of knights and princesses

greece weather- boasting a superb dry climate, Greece enjoys sunshine almost throughout the year, enchanting tourists with its warm winters, hot summers and pleasant autumn and spring

corfu greece- one of the most popular holiday destinations, Corfu fascinates visitors with its unique ambience, excellent food and hip crowd

zakynthos greece- a lush green island of the Ionian, Zakynthos is reknowed for its beautiful beaches and party atmosphere

greece tourism- attracting more than 17 million tourists per year, Greece is a top holiday destination, thanks to its unique historical heritage, variety of landscapes and contemporary feel

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delphi greece- one of the most significant archaeological sites, Delphi in classical Greece was considered the navel of the earth featuring the most important oracle in the ancient greek world

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greece food- reknowed the world over, the greek food encorporates the best of the mediterrenean diet, on the basis of extra virgin olive oil, fresh seafood and vegetables

greek isles- diverse and unique in landscapes and ambience, the greek islands enchant visitors with their beautiful beaches picturesque architecture and breathtaking views

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greece tourist attractions- an array of significant archaeological sites, all around Greece, combined with the many beautiful and diverse islands make this country a destination full of important and fascinating tourist attractions

sailing greece- sailing around Greece is one of the most enjoyable ways to discover this diverse country and spend the holiday of a lifetime

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 Привлекая более 17-ти миллионов посетителей в год, Греция является одним из самых популярных направлений в любое время года. Греческие острова составляют настоящий калейдоскоп природной красоты, равной которой нет в мире. Миконос, Санторини, Корфу и Крит продолжают твёрдо оставаться на первом месте в предпочтении туристов всего мира, так как они сочитают отдых на любой вкус, в то время как новые направления, такие острова как Лесбос и Патмос, привлекают  все больше и больше посетителей. 387 пляжей отмечены голубым флагом Европейского союза, удостоверяющие качество морской воды. Поэтому отдых в Греции обещает вам полное наслаждение ярким солнцем и чистым морем. В Афинах, новый музей Акрополя является современным архитектурным достижением, который "перекликается" с непревзойдённым памятником Парфенона. Τакие проекты, как новый Музей Современного Искусства и новоя Библиотека, постепенно обогащают культурный профиль города, в то время как кулинарная революция, которая произошла в последние годы, привела к созданию ресторанов лучшего качества, которые до сих пор получают международные награды.

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