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Luxury Villas in Mexico

Casa Tres Soles, Casa Kalika, Villa Xpu-Ha and Villa Bel-Ha are just four of the nicest, most luxurious Mexico holiday rentals, available through fantasiavillas.com.

Casa Kalika features 5 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests, including a separate guest house with its own kitchen and living room. It is located in Nayarit – Punta Mita, in the Mexican Riviera, and it is built in a way that encompasses balinese influences, by the famous architect Guillermo Michel Renteria.


♦ Luxury Villas in Mexico (Mexican Riviera)


Casa Tres Soles features 9 beautifully decorated bedrooms, that can easily accommodate up to 18 people. It is built in a trully privileged location, boasting panoramic sea views and surrounded by tropical vegetation. The interiors of the villa are decorated with mexican artwork, while the outdoor swimming pool is equally impressive, inspiring moments of total relaxation.


♦ Luxury Villas in Mexico (Mayan Riviera)


Villa Xpu-Ha features 8 luxurious bedrooms that can accommodate up to 18 guests. It is located in Xpu-Ha, in the Mayan Riviera, boasting panoramic sea views and a unique atmosphere of tranquility and isolation. It is equipped with all the modern comforts and it has immediate access to the magnificent Xpu-Ha beach.

Villa Bel-Ha features 4 beautifully decorated bedrooms that can easily accommodate up to 8 guests. It has many nice outdoor areas that are ideal for meals or just relaxation at all hours of the day, including a unique and spacious bar. It is located in Xpu-Ha, in the Mayan Riviera, boasting spectacular views over the Caribbean sea.


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