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Luxury Villas in Greece

The ultimate destination for summer holidays in Europe and among the leading ones in the world, Greece attracts millions of visitors each year, thanks to the irresistible combination of picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and unique culture of hospitality. You can discover many seaside luxurious villas, ideal for enjoying the Greek sun and unforgettable coasts, through

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greece villas- visit, discover the most exclusive selection of Greece villas and plan your best holiday ever

greece- Greece is one of the most popular destinations for luxury tourism worldwide, offering a great variety of unique and fascinating landscapes

santorini- perhaps the most impressive and popular of the greek islands, Santorini enchants visitors with the dramatic backdrop of its volcano and unique energy

grecia- a unique destination in the Mediterranean, Greece attracts millions of visitors thanks to the crystal clear blue waters, sunny weather and unique spirit of hospitality of its people

crete- the biggest of the greek islands, Crete combines the nicest beaches with the most scenic mountainous villages, giving new meaning to the term hospitality, thanks to its award winning cuisine

rhodes- also known as “the island of the knights”, Rhodes enchants visitors with its fairy-tale like ambience, beautiful coasts and

exciting nightlife

corfu- situated in the Ionion sea, Corfu is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, sandy beaches and deep blue, cold waters

zante- part of the Ionian islands, Zante or Zakynthos is known for its significant population of “caretta-caretta” sea turtles, the beautiful beaches and the intense nightlife

grece- Greece offers you the chance to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, thanks to the superb climate and endless selection of holiday destinations

santorini greece- one of the most unique holiday destinations in the world, Santorini is a real tourist magnet in Greece, thanks to its unbeleivable blend of unique architecture and dramatic ambience

greek islands- wheather in the Ionian or the Aegean sea, the greek islands stand out for their diverse landscapes, picturesque villages and incredible coasts

greece news- the economic crisis has taken a toll on Greek people, but their spirit of hospitality remains intact, as this incredibly beautiful country is among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world

greece map- contact a representative of for more information concerning the most fascinating routes in Greece and the best holiday rentals available

mykonos greece- one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, Mykonos fascinates visitors with its cosmopolitan vibe, intense nightlife and incredibly beautiful beaches

crete greece- the biggest of the greek islands, Crete is known for its diverse landscapes, excellent food and the most hospitable people

rhodes greece- one of the most scenic islands, Rhodes charms visitors with its unique ambience of a bygone era of knights and princesses

greece weather- boasting a superb dry climate, Greece enjoys sunshine almost throughout the year, enchanting tourists with its warm winters, hot summers and pleasant autumn and spring

corfu greece- one of the most popular holiday destinations, Corfu fascinates visitors with its unique ambience, excellent food and hip crowd

zakynthos greece- a lush green island of the Ionian, Zakynthos is reknowed for its beautiful beaches and party atmosphere

greece tourism- attracting more than 17 million tourists per year, Greece is a top holiday destination, thanks to its unique historical heritage, variety of landscapes and contemporary feel

flights to greece- contact a representative of and discover the fastest and way to travel to and around Greece

facts about greece- a small country in Southeast Europe, Greece is blessed with beautiful islands and picturesque mountainous villages, boasting superb climate year-round

greek island- visit and discover the most luxurious holiday rentals in the greek island of your dreams

greece islands- attracting visitors from around the world, the greek islands combine the most beautiful beaches with the most interesting ambience, satisfying all tastes

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greek island cruises- discover the allure of the greek islands, cruising the Aegean or Ionian sea on an exclusive yacht, available through

yacht charter greece- perhaps the best way to discover the beautiful greek coasts, a yacht charter will offer you the holiday of a lifetime

delphi greece- one of the most significant archaeological sites, Delphi in classical Greece was considered the navel of the earth featuring the most important oracle in the ancient greek world

visit greece- travel to Greece and discover a unique luxury holiday destination for all seasons

greece food- reknowed the world over, the greek food encorporates the best of the mediterrenean diet, on the basis of extra virgin olive oil, fresh seafood and vegetables

greek isles- diverse and unique in landscapes and ambience, the greek islands enchant visitors with their beautiful beaches picturesque architecture and breathtaking views

greece climate- mostly dry and warm throughout the year, the climate in Greece is ideal for beach holidays six months a year

pictures of greece- visit and discover the most interesting pictures of Greece, taken from the most exclusive and luxurious villas

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christmas in greece- boasting mild winters, Greece is an interesting destination for christmas holidays, combining the luxurious mountainous retreats with the most hospitable environment

things to do in greece- sailing, snorkelling, skiing and hiking are just some of the most interesting things to do when visiting Greece

greece cruise- cruising the islands of Greece is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to acquaint yourself with this beautiful and diverse country

greece airports- contact a representative of and find out all the necessary information concerning airports and ports in Greece

places to visit in greece- a true kaleidoscope of incredible landscapes, beautiful coastlines and vibrant islands is what makes Greece a top tourist destination

oia greece- the most romantic side of Santorini is in Oia, a picturesque settlement on the northern part of the island, boasting the most mesmerizing sunset in the world

greece tourist attractions- an array of significant archaeological sites, all around Greece, combined with the many beautiful and diverse islands make this country a destination full of important and fascinating tourist attractions

sailing greece- sailing around Greece is one of the most enjoyable ways to discover this diverse country and spend the holiday of a lifetime

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» Greece Villa Rentals

Attracting more than 17 million visitors a year, Greece is one of the top holiday destinations throughout the year. Greece Villa Rentals are the perfect way to explore this beautiful country. In Athens, the new Acropolis Museum is a modern architectural achievement which "converses" with the sublime monument of Parthenon. In addition, projects like the New Museum of Contemporary Art and the new Library progressively enrich the cultural profile of the city, while the culinary revolution that takes place in the recent years has led to the creation of top quality restaurants, which win international awards. All these and more make the Greek capital one of the top tourist destinations in the world, offering a wide range of activities for the discerning traveller. Greece Villa Rentals are a great way to escape from the daily routine. Rent a private villa in Greece and experience the true essence of holidays

The Greek islands are a kaleidoscope of natural beauty the like of which does not exist anywhere in the world. Greece Villa Rentals from Fantasia Villas offers you a wide portfolio of luxury private villas, through which you will enjoy among others 387 beaches awarded with the blue flag of the European Union, that document the quality of the water. While Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Crete continue to rank at the top of the villa destinations around the world, encapsulating the true meaning of luxury holidays for all tastes, new destinations are emerging, like Lesvos and Patmos, attracting more and more visitors.

Enjoy swimming, diving, snorkelling and all kinds of water sports in the Greek islands, or opt for the exploration of true luxury, choosing a golf villa, a self-catered villa, or a villa with panoramic views. Greece Villa Rentals from offers also a wide range of family villas, as well as honeymoon villas, catering to the needs of the most demanding traveller. To that end, our Santorini villas give a new meaning to the word “romance”, offering unique sunset views and exclusivity, while our Mykonos Villa Rentals and our Paros vacation rentals cover all tastes, from self-catered villas to pool villas and the best beachfront properties. Benefit from our exclusive villa special offers and feel free to contact one of our villa experts today.


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