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Luxury Villas in Crete


Luxury villas in Crete from allow you to discover the sights and sounds of Crete. Crete is the largest Greek island and it is the holiday destination for about three million tourists every year. This is no coincidence, since this beautiful island offers everything the modern traveller seeks. Crete is blessed with a huge variety of landscapes, including forests of chestnut and oak, exotic palm groves next to beautiful beaches, fertile plains and hills covered with thousands of olive trees. Crete is mainly a mountainous island and that means thousands of trails for those who love hiking, mountaineering and climbing.


Additionally, it offers more than 100 beaches to enjoy the sun, sea and watersports and it boasts a rich archaeological and historical past. The most impressive archaeological sights is of course the Minoan palace in Knossos, built three and a half thousand years ago. Also impressive are the Byzantine churches and Venetian castles of Crete, celebrating the diverse character of the island’s history. Crete luxury villas are ideal for discovering all this island has to offer. Crete is also characterized by its rich nightlife and abundance of choices in dining, entertainment and activities.


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Where to stay in Crete


♦ Luxury Villas in Crete (Chania)

Villa Filira in Chania is a great choice for accommodation, as it is 23 km from the beautiful coastal town of Chania, enabling you to enjoy the sights any time of day or night, avoiding the hustle and bustle. This villa offers 3 elegant bedrooms, accommodating up to 6 people, and it has a spacious outdoor pool and luxurious indoor and outdoor spaces, surrounded by lush gardens. The villa is located 1.5 km from the beach Kolymbari and it is also quite close to the port of Souda (24 km) and the airport (38km). Luxury villas in Crete are the greatest way to discover this magnificent island and you can discover many more Crete luxury villas through


♦ Luxury Villas in Crete (Elounda)


The White Pearl Villa is the nicest place to stay in Elounda. Located 3 km away from the city center, 6 km from Agios Nikolaos and 65 km from Heraklion airport, this Crete luxury villa features 4 bedrooms with amazing views, which can accommodate up to 8 people, and it also has a big swimming pool and spacious outdoor areas that have unobstructed views to Elounda. White Pearl Villa is also very close (0.5 km) to the Porto Elounda Beach and the Porto Elounda Golf Course. Contact for more amazing Crete luxury villas or suggestions for more unique luxury villas in Greece.


♦ Luxury Villas in Crete (Almyrida)


Almyra Residence, a luxury villa with 3 bedrooms that comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, is the best place to stay in Almyrida. The interiors of the villa are tastefully decorated, while the spacious pool overlooks the sunset. The villa is situated in an ideal location, as it is located 200m from Almyrida, 100m from the beach and 30 km from Chania airport. Contact for more amazing Crete luxury villas or suggestions for more unique luxury villas in Greece.


♦ Luxury Villas in Crete (Mohlos)


Villa Kalypso is the nicest place to stay in Mohlos, is as it features 4 stylish bedrooms, ideal for accommodating up to 8 people, spacious interiors and a beautiful swimming pool with breathtaking views of the island of Agios Nikolaos. The villa is situated 50 km from Elounda and 100 km from Heraklion airport.

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» Crete Villa Rentals

The largest island of Greece offers thrills all year round, boasting more than 100 beaches but also snowy mountain peaks of nearly 2.5 km in height. Here you can tour the palace of King Minos at Knossos, you can walk on cobblestone Roman and Byzantine churches, admire and explore Venetian and Ottoman fortresses, a testament to the turbulent and interesting history of Crete. The famous Mediterranean diet has its roots in the Cretan diet, based on high quality Cretan olive oil, while Cretans are famous for the individual character and their untamed and welcoming spirit

You will admire the beautiful old towns with their romantic atmosphere in Chania and Rethymnon, while in Malia and Platanias you will revisit the concept of "night life". Also, you will enjoy high quality services in a heavenly landscape in the luxury resort of Elounda, Agios Nikolaos. In all your exploring this island will reward you with pleasant surprises. Walk down the Samaria Gorge, discover the history of Spinalonga and swim in the beautiful waters of Vai palm beach, the lagoon of Elafonissi and the vast coast of Falasarna with its pink sand.

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