Villa Canto Alla Moraia

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Canto alla Moraia will extend its hospitality to you in 5 elegant independent rooms, each with private bath and furnished with refined taste, which face out over the luminous tranquillity of Tuscany
In addition to the Villa, the Resort also offers its guests an opportunity to spend their holidays in renovated barns that have been furnished in accordance with a particularly Tuscan taste (Ser Alfiero, Ma- ria Rosè, Bacco Felice), the names of which reflect those of the wines that are produced here. The 3 barns have sleeping accommodations available for 8 adults, plus 4 for children. Canto alla Moraia organises cooking courses which, in addition to being genuine lessons in manual skill, will enable you to make a journey in search of the true flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine that will enhance your personal sensitivity in the kitchen. Upon request, a cook from the village can be at your disposal.
The Wine Cellar is an authentic gem of rural architecture that rests on a plateau, and serves to demonstrate how man is capable of indulging Nature while respecting landscape and environmental canons. The systems are realized with the use of modern technologies for the purpose of working our grapes, which come from the nearby vineyard, with the use of organic-farming methods that respect their organoleptic characteristics. The fermentation room consists of small steel fermenting vats that are totally computerized for the purpose of controlling the temperature. The barrel room, which is located in thermo-controlled premises, accommodates tonneaux and Tuscan barrels made of top-quality oak. Thus, our wines originate by having been worked in accordance with the noble artisan tradition.

The suites of the resort, the swimming pool, the spa, the theatre of greenery, the riding stables, and a track for the calèche are located in this garden, where Nature is indulged by man, in which each tree and each stone have a sense and a story, and where partridges or pheasants arrive in the meadow. In every room, each window is a genuine depiction of vivid and true magic set in a landscape where human action and Nature have always been all one, in equilibrium and reciprocal respect.

Canto alla Moraia resort originated in this way: a structure that is immersed in the Tuscan countryside, at the foot of the historic borgo of Castiglion Fibocchi, a short distance from estates in which the nobility and high finance of renaissance Tuscany and of modern Europe have chosen to live.
It is a resort that is also a organic agricultural estate, on those hills and under that Tuscan Sun which – together and every year – offer to the world the ancient and always new miracle of Chianti.

The central structure of the resort is an ageless building, or better, with many ages layered together. In medieval times there was a tower here, to control the itineraries that crossed the Valdarno and from there continued towards the Casentino. Once the stormy times of the Middle Ages were over, the tower became “decussate”, that is, lowered: with its materials were built rooms that backed onto it, in order to increase its living capacity. From a “military” control of the surrounding terrain these passed to an agricultural control. And the present-day form of this solid bulk, made robust by “scarp” walls, is one of the many miracles that spontaneous architecture is capable of making in the Tuscan territory. In 1931, Marchese Ceparello Pasquali completed the building definition of what became a small estate centre, and today is the resort that can be seen in these pages.

Recent history: Silvia and Rodolfo grew up in the years of the economic boom, but do not “breathe in” only business. In the 1950s, their fathers built the large building in Prato according to the dictates of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture. They bought a very large estate from the Savoia-Aosta family, and planted vineyards on it. Next, they created Canto alla Moraia, cultivating not only vineyards, but also an environment in which to offer hospitality of the type with ancient roots, in a reality that no ambitious economy in the world can take away from the cradle.

Main Villa
Ground floor: dining room, living room, kitchen and a restroom
First floor: 4 double bedrooms with en suite bath plus 1 extra twin bedrooms with bath

Annex apartment:

Private access from the garden with living with sofa bed, kitchen on the ground floor
One floor up there is a double bedroom with en suite bath

Private access from the garden with living, kitchen a double bedroom with en suite bath

Private access from the garden with living with sofa bed, kitchen on the ground floor
One floor up there is a double bedroom with en suite bath and a twin bedrooms for kids


May 27 - Sep 30 (& Christmas period)17000 EUR / week
Other11000 EUR / week